Home Child Care

& Support Worker

Permanent Residence for Caregivers

Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot Program
  • A unique opportunity for overseas caregivers to work in Canada that leads to a Permanent Residence
  • Allows family members to work or study in Canada
  • Candidate must meet the eligibility requirements and have a job offer to work in a specified occupation
Eligibility Criteria
  • A genuine and valid job offer as a Home Child Care Provider (NOC 4411) or Home Support Worker (NOC 4412) from a Canadian employer outside of Quebec – Excludes Foster Parents and Housekeepers
  • Ability to perform the job duties – Past experience or Training to do the work in NOC 4411 & 4412 job description lead statement
  • Language ability – English CLB 5 or French NLCL 5 in all 4 language skills
  • Education – 1 year post-secondary education credential

An open work permit (occupation restricted) to come to Canada and work for 3 years to get the qualifying work experience in Canada to qualify for permanent residence, Candidate with this work permit

  • Must work as a Home Child Care Provider (NOC 4411) or Home Support Worker (NOC 4412)
  • Can work for any eligible employer
  • Employer does not need a LMIA to hire overseas caregiver
  • Can change employers without getting a new work permit or a new job offer
  • Dependents are eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit or a Study Permit

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Upon getting 24 months of qualifying experience in last 36 months, send proof of job offers, contracts, pay stubs, CRA tax information to IRCC to have a final decision on permanent residence application.

Overseas candidate submits work permit and permanent residence application together and become eligible for permanent residence after meeting 24 months of qualifying Canadian work experience. Candidate must update IRCC with qualifying work experience to have final decision on permanent residence application.

To know more about this program or to assess your eligibility, please fill out our assessment form and submit it through “Request a Consultation” webform.

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