Self-Employed Program

Self-Employed Program

This program is for the self-employed professional having experience in cultural activities or in athletics at a world level, and who intend to immigrate to Canada permanently to be a self-employed and will provide significant contribution to the Canadian economy through cultural and athletics activities.

Occupations listed in the Unit Group 5 (occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport)under the NOC qualify for this program; for example, Librarian, Archivist, Editor and Journalist, Creative & performing artists (singer, dancers, actor, photographer, designer etc.), technical occupations in libraries, public archives, museum and art galleries, Athlete, Coach, referee and related occupations

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must meet definition of a self-employed person.
  • Must have at least 2 years of relevant experience in the last 5 years (at the time of application and when decision is made on application):

For Cultural Activities – two one-year periods of being self-employed in cultural activities and/or participation in cultural activities at a world class lever.

For Athletics – two one-year periods of being self-employed in athletics and/or participating at in athletics at a world class level.

  • Must score 35 out of 100 points of the Self-Employed program point comprise of Age, Education, Relevant Experience, Language Abilities, and Adaptability factors such as Spouse/CL education, Previous work experience and Study in Canada(PA or Spouse/CL), and relatives in Canada (PA or Spouse/CL)
No minimum requirement for Language ability

No minimum requirement for Language ability; however, important to establish your integrity to contribute significantly to cultural and athletics activities in Canada.

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Proof of Fund required to satisfy IRCC that applicant has enough money to settle in Canada. Though no regulated net worth required, it is essential to have enough net worth to support your self-employment in Canada.

To know more about this program or to assess your eligibility, please fill out our assessment form and submit it through “Request a Consultation” webform.

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