Work Permit based on LMIA

An employer specific work permit issued to a foreign national to work in Canada. Foreign worker is allowed to work in Canada with a specific employer that contains certain other conditions such as occupation, validity period and location of work.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Canadian employer must obtain a positive LMIA for a foreign national
  • Foreign national must be able to perform job duties listed in employment offer
  • Must meet the necessary experience and/or education required for the offered position
  • Must prove intent to leave Canada when work permit expires
  • Must meet the professional licensing requirements, if required
  • Must be in good health and have no criminal record
  • Most important – FN must apply for work permit within six months of the issuance of LMIA

To know more about this program or to assess your eligibility, please fill out our assessment form and submit it through “Request a Consultation” webform.

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