Start-Up Visa

Start-up Visa program is intend to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish businesses in Canada that will support innovation, job creation, and will compete on a global scale.

Qualifying Criteria:
  • Must have an innovative business idea
  • Must have a letter of support form a designated organization (Angel Investment Group/ Venture Capital Fund/ Business Incubator)
  • Must have secured the minimum investment, if required,

$200,000 if the investment commitment from a Canadian Venture Capital Fund,

C$75,000 if the investment commitment form a Canadian Angle Investor Group; or

Acceptance into a Business Incubator Program (for support, training etc.)

  • Syndication, receiving support from multiple Designated Venture Capital Funds or Angle Investor Group, is acceptable. However, only one letter of support will be issued to applicant/s
  • Must meet the minimum language ability requirements of CLB 5 in English or French
  • Must have sufficient fund to settle in Canada
  • A maximum of five people can apply for the Start-up Visa program as owners of the single business
  • Each applicant must hold at least 10% voting rights; and the designated organization and the applicant(s) must jointly hold more than 50% voting rights

If more than 1 (up to 5) applicants apply for a single business, one of them will be designated as an “Essential Person” by the designated organization. If the essential person’s application is refused by IRCC, then all other applicants will be refused as well.

No minimum education required to support business activities.

If start-up business fails in Canada, it will not affect permanent residence status as the PR status is not tied to the success of business.

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